Earn Money With The Google Adsense Program On The Internet Free


YES, you can earn revenue with the Google Adsense Publisher Program and YES you can do it using free platforms available on the web.

I started an Internet Business in January 2009 and one of the first websites I joined that led me to my online career was an Adsense Revenue Sharing Website.  The purpose of joining an Adsense Revenue Sharing website was to write articles online about topics that interest me.  It took time to familiarize myself with the Revenue Sharing Platform but over time I started to dish out dozens of articles each week and dishing out articles that started to earn me Adsense revenue gave me a glimpse of the huge potential writing articles online had.  Wow, I finally came across and opportunity to better my financial standing without paying out of pocket.  At first I couldn't believe it but as time went on the little bit of money I was earning started to turn into dollars a day.  Needless to say I continued to write whenever I had spare time.


The very first Revenue Sharing Website I joined was Hubpages.  As I continued to write articles I started to become active within the Hubpages forum.  The active forum members would answer questions, post questions and posted helpful tips.  Wow!  I was blown away yet again by all of the free opportunities that were spoken about within in the forum.  The forum members led me to so many other free opportunities.

OK, I became very good at writing articles at Hubpages and thought why not join another Revenue Sharing Website.  One of the forum members led me to Infobarrel which is too an Adsense Revenue Sharing Website.  I joined, linked my Adsense account to my Infobarrel account and I started to write articles over at Infobarrel.  I found Infobarrel to be a challenge but as time went on I became very good at navigating and writing articles using the Infobarrel Platform.  Heck, writing online started to become a part of my daily routine.


I could continue to share with you my every step to online success but the point I want to make here is that you can start an Internet Business using all free resources available on the web.  Reaching my first goal was not easy and nor did it happen over night but I can tell you it is possible.  I say it's possible because I'm living proof that ordinary people can create multiple streams of recurring income using free resources found on the web.

It's June 2011 and I'm here creating another freebie website to help expand my Internet Business.  What use to take me months to accomplish now takes me a day or two.  I dish out articles, blogs, free websites and videos as if I've been doing this all my life.  Working on my Internet Business has become second nature.

Now I'm going to list all of the free to join and free business opportunities I use daily that earns me commission and residual income.

  • Writing at Revenue Sharing Websites
  • Creating free websites
  • People I recruit who write earn me additional revenue
  • I earn commissions with Affiliate Programs
  • Multiple streams of income as a Pay Per Click Publisher
  • Clickbank
  • Paydotcom
  • Google Affiliate Network
I decided to create this short but sweet free website to help expand my Internet Business.  Throughout this page and additional pages to come you will find banners and links to all of the free to join programs I use daily or weekly.  If your in the market to start an Internet Business and don't want to pay out-of-pocket to learn, then you have found the right place.  Beginners need to start somewhere and starting an Internet Business using free resources is the path to follow.  Go through the motions to learn what you need to learn to reach your financial goals.  There will come a day when you look back and say I've made it.  Browse around and if you have questions and need some guidance, please feel free to contact me at one of my YouTube Channels.  HomeBaseIncome101 or at InternetEducation101.

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